The secret to the best integration method is not what you think

Jan 17, 2023

By Shiri Godasi


As psychenauts we invest a lot of our time in evolving our soul - and trying to figure out the best integration method.

Dare I say - so much so, that we forget the basics of taking care of our human!

The more my consciousness expands - the more I realize how VITAL it is to have my human set up and supported - with routine, systems and structures that don't go against her nature, but work with her.

In the taboula rasa place I am currently in my life, there is a gift of getting to learn how to design and live my absolute best life. 

And staring at me is a simple truth, that 


Call it your integration practice
Your daily routine
Your action methods -

All roads lead to the fact that the
integrated wellness of your spirit/mind/body and YOUR HAPPINESS is the top priority in life.

Self-discipline means to get myself to do
what I know I should do
when I should do it -
wether I want to or not.

This level of discipline aids in taming my mindset - when my mind pushes back and creates unnecessary adversity, I get to train it to stop the drama and just get back to work.

Your life is yours - You own it. Your decision making is the center of your own existence.

Discipline helps my complex, limitless visionary and ADHD'ed mind stay centered and consistent in my clarity and my decision making - and optimizes my levels of creation.

Better choices - better existence in each moment = better life!

So it took me *years* to dial it in. Still tweaking and taming.
But I have my routine to slide into the day with and by god - it is non-negotiable.

Yes, I require that much effort, attention and energy.

I take care of number 1 aka ME first - and then the day can start.

I work less hours and create more.

Most important -
I am healthier and happier.

Your psychedelic integration practice does not need to be complicated -

Every day, just
Eat well
Do one thing that fulfills and nourishes you.

This is every single day - and that is the non-negotiable.

So here is the secret to the best psychedelic integration method:

Integration is merely the non-negotiable discipline to show up for yourself no matter what.

Really - that's it.

Discipline - and you have mastered your human and your soul's evolution. 

Need more broken-down methods? 

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Remember - The medicine comes alive through You.


Author’s Bio
Shiri Godasi (She/Her) is a teacher, visionary creatrix, depth poet and mother. She is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 psychedelic harm reduction organizations. She is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering others to step into radical authenticity/radical action to co-create a just world. Her professional certification program
 The Psyched Soul PlaySkool of Integration & Soulpreneurship trains people to become creative system disruptors through expert psychedelic support and heart-centered leadership. Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, New-Earth sacred commerce, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle. 


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