You are here to awaken humanity. 


You’ve been trained in psychedelic support and you are a coach, healer, teacher, facilitator or therapist. 


Now, you are ready to alchemize your credentials & field experience into a unique business that is your soul medicine. 


Welcome to
Soulpreneur Mastermind
with Shiri Godasi



Hey fellow Visionary Rebel - I'm Shiri. 

Like you, I am a psychenaut that has experienced the transformational gift of psychedelics, and am on a sacred soul mission to serve others as they wake up through this powerful healing modality. 

In the past 8 years I have been studying the meaning of integrating psychedelic visions into reality and how they can be leveraged for psychospiritual growth.

The 5 psychedelic support organizations I've created have been the ultimate vehicle for this purpose - because I couldn't play by the rules. My calling was bigger than practicality.

A soul-led visionary without hard business & management training, I became obsessed with discovering anti-capitalistic strategies that would allow me to apply the limitlessness of the mind, play my passion, serve impeccably while living a sustainable, abundant & true-to-soul life. 

Now, I am here to guide you through the best of this alchemical process of soul-to-superhuman becoming. 


Soulpreneur =
Soul Ascension +
Professional Evolution

Our 8D to 3D magick formula:

Psychospiritual growth + Visionary business set up.  

Business masterminds are the old paradigm.



is a transformational,

psychedelic-focused journey to

mine the depth of your spiritual codes

and integrate this gold into a soul-centered, reciprocal business model that is your

quantum-leap vehicle for personal & collective ascension.


Soul Ascension 

Soulpreneur emphasizes spiritual inquiry as the foundation of professional development:

  • Receive expanded awareness of unconscious stories and myths that are creating your life
  • Heal through learning to embrace your hero’s journey & storyline
  • Uncover and name conditioning programs, psychological attachments and spiritual blocks
  • Unearth, process and release hidden trauma
  • Learn to use fear as a catalyst for quantum leaps
  • Disrupt outdated behavioral systems & patterns and rewrite the story of how you show up in the world
  • Break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living in your highest potential
  • Embrace your wild, radical and authentic Self
  • Find and release your unique voice
  • Free yourself from years/decades of intergenerational shackles
  • Reprogram your money mindset
  • Learn tools of psychological and spiritual discernment
  • Integrate a language code that speaks your highest truth
  • Make a consciousness leap into embracing what is possible for you and the unlimited resources that are here to support you
  • Discover your medicine & role in the community & collective
  • Develop and leverage your creativity to live your medicine
  • Align with your purpose in this lifetime.
Professional Evolution 

With your spiritual mechanics on point, you are ready to create your business vehicle/visionary culture:

  • Receive a proven visionary business blueprint - learn directly from Shiri and the methods that helped her create five psychedelic support organizations
  • Articulate your spirit’s purpose into a mission and message in the psyche-delic healing arts
  • Clarify your expert position & client avatar
  • Marketing & media, copywriting & storytelling as conscious service in the digital age
  • Innovate your own, unique psychedelic support niche
  • Multidimensional entrepreneurship strategy: Dream up a sustainable, scalable business model that is supportive of all that you are
  • Build a psychedelic support business (online/in-person) from scratch - while in the program
  • Learn how to operate a soul-informed professional service that is an artistic creation and spiritual vehicle for positive impact
  • Design a soul-aligned brand and offering
  • Create your signature psychedelic product suite and service packages
  • Acquire soul-centered marketing, pricing and financial circulation strategy
  • Learn cultural and ethical considerations
  • Step into grassroots community leadership & activism with heart-centered innovation to create radical social change
  • Build/expand your community of soul-tribe clients
  • Develop your confidence, courage, critical perspective, creative thinking and leadership skills
  • Leadership development through interbeing and authentic expression.
What's Included

A high touch, online + in-person hybrid program:

  • 6-month dedicated container for visionary business & psychedelic culture creation
  • Weekly instructional calls: Creative Playshops, business mentorship calls and enrichment masterclasses led by myself and guest instructors
  • Weekly leadership calls with your community 
  • Shiri’s exact sacred business blueprint, roadmap and strategy that have been developed over 8 years in pioneering psychedelic support organizations 
  • 2.5 decades worth of entrepreneurial experience
  • A step-by-step Psyched Soul™ sacred business workbook
  • Recordings of all live calls
  • Membership in our exclusive Psyched Soul community for 24/7 support and lifetime connections.
  • Access to Psyched Soul Talx: Integration x Soulpreneurship Masterclass series
  • Invitation to join an exclusive, in-person Creative Leadership in Costa Rica in May of 2023 - open only to participants in Soulpreneur.

Wrap it all up with our sassy signature Play Kulture -

Keepin' it weird and colorful with our tribe!

Program Instructors:
Learn From These Visionary Trailblazers:

Shiri Godasi,

Founder/Director of

The Psyched Soul™

Entrepreneurship in Psychedelic Support

Undrea Wright,

Co-founder of The Ancestor Project

Leadership & support of diverse communities

Joel Brierre,

Founder of Tandava Retreats

Building A Retreat Center

Mareesa Stertz, Visionary Filmaker

Psychedelic Storytelling

Greg Lawrence, Integration Specialist


Luz Iglesias Fernández

Human Design

Choose Your 
Supportive Journey

Option A:

Psychedelic Integration Therapy
Master Program

Investment: $376


  • On-demand, self-paced online course offering in-depth exploration and guidance in:
    • Psychedelic Safety
    • Ceremonial Preparation
    • Effective, Intentional Engagement with Psychedelic Space
    • Successful Post-Experience Integration
  • 30 video lessons with over 700 minutes of original content
  • 100’s of pages of downloadable slide deck e-books
  • Assignment worksheets for deepend study
  • Resource vault: dozens of book recommendations, articles, playlists, websites, videos, podcasts and meditations to amplify your transformational and healing experience.
Option A Enroll Now

Option B:

Psychedelic Integration Therapy Breakthrough: Private Coaching Program

Investment: $1,250 or 3 monthly payments of $444


  • A 8-week personalized integration support container
  • 4 private coaching sessions with Shiri Godasi for a customized integration therapy journey,  personal support and deepened transformation. 
  • On-demand, self-paced online course offering in-depth exploration and guidance in:
    • Psychedelic Safety
    • Ceremonial Preparation
    • Effective, Intentional Engagement with Psychedelic Space
    • Successful Post-Experience Integration
  • 30 video lessons with over 700 minutes of original content
  • 100’s of pages of downloadable slide deck e-books
  • Assignment worksheets for deepend study
  • Resource vault: dozens of book recommendations, articles, playlists, websites, videos, podcasts and meditations to amplify your transformational and healing experience.
Option B Enroll Now - Pay in Full
Option B Enroll Now - Payment Plan
 Full Curriculum:
Psychedelic Integration Therapy Master Program

This course is suitable for professionals and individuals:

For individuals, this program for You if:

  • You are feeling stuck in your life and have heard about the possible benefits and life-changing potential of psychedelic substances
  • You are thinking of using psychedelics but don’t know where to start or how to go about it
  • You are planning on using psychedelics and want to make sure you approach them safely, mindfully and effectively
  • You want to use psychedelics to heal yourSelf mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually - and wish there was a manual with clear guidelines, practical strategies and real-time tools that help deliver the relief you need
  • You want to make the most of your psychedelic trip and need a road map for positive change and sustainable results - that may last years (!) after your psychedelic session
  • You want to learn all of this from an experienced and skilled guide that will coach you through your initial steps into the sacred psychedelic realm
  • You know you have all the answers within you; and ready to become a Self-Healer.

For professionals, this program for You if:

  • You’re looking to incorporate psychedelic harm reduction support into your clinical practice
  • You want to learn more about practical approaches to psychedelic therapy
  • You’re hearing about psychedelic integration and want to learn a proven method and practical strategy to providing integration therapy
  • You want a comprehensive psychedelic integration tool kit to support clients in therapeutic practice.

Who is Soulpreneur for:


  • Trained/certified psychedelic coaches, healers, facilitators, guides, specialists and therapists that want to integrate their acquired knowledge & wisdom into a soul-aligned & successful business
  • Integration support providers that wish to niche up and create a unique, signature integration modality of their own
  • Active students, participants, or graduates of professional psychedelic certification programs that seek business and leadership skills
  • Licensed therapists, counselors and social workers with professional psychedelic training that want to pivot their business into full-time psychedelic support
  • Integration providers who are building their practice and business and are seeking to expand their client base and income
  • Psychedelic professionals seeking to be a part of a unique and dynamic group of psychedelic trailblazers and leaders that are all working on creating a soul-filled, community-oriented culture in the psychedelic revival. 


    Soulpreneur is a business-focused incubator and does not offer psychedelic education, training or certification.

    Previous training in the psychedelic healing arts or current enrollment in a psychedelic education program is required.

We offer a 12-month integration coach certification training, next cohort opens Spring 2023. 

 Ready to integrate your heart medicine into a 
soul-led, authentic & creative 
psychedelic support business?


Create Your Soulpreneur Journey: 

Join for

 A. Online program only


B. Online program + live transformational retreat! 


Early bird discount, payment plans and scholarship tuition is available for each track. 

Track 1:

Soulpreneur: Online Program

Journey begins January 17, 2023

6 months of virtual sacred business mentorship guidance, creative playshop vortexes, expert masterclasses, leadership community gatherings

& lifelong connections



Track 2:

Soulpreneur Online Program +
In-person creative leadership retreat in Costa Rica


As we ascend through the online container we will gather in gorgeous Tamarindo Bay, Costa Rica for 5 nights/6 days of community connection, soul-manifesting creation, and leadership expression!


Retreat dates: May 2-8 2023

Travel and lodging not included. 

Program Testimonials & Results

The last few months have been a blessing… We launched our bilingual podcast "Faith in Entheogens" and created a veteran/ first reponder scholarship for the treatment of PTSD… We also got married and our wedding venue is the permanent home for Agape Church & Soulnos Church [our nonprofit organization]. We have a 25-acre farm to call home in North Houston conducive to hosting conferences and retreats! And a permanent home for our Agape Church members & guests. We intend to offer the space to other spiritual & professional organizations whenever we are not hosting our own ceremonies & events… All of this would not have been possible without the amazing love & work Shiri & her team has put into this program. Integration was undoubtedly the key to unlocking the purpose within me. Thank you to my cohort, and everyone who has supported me through this amazing transition. The future is bright!! Lead with your heart and what's intended for you will follow.

- Sergio Saenz Founder, Medicine Facilitator & Founder of SoulNos Agape Church Nonprofit

I am a business owner and own a 7-figure company, have taken numerous business classes and have been a part of 2 other business masterminds and feminine leadership. Shiri is teaching more and going deeper than I’ve ever been taught. I feel this course is 1000000% worth the money!!!! I was raised poor in a trailer in a small town and invested in myself. My investments healed my soul. I upleveled and this course will level up everyone else... I now donate to help women and children in battered situations. Thank you for hearing the call and presenting facts that are yummy for my soul to digest. Shiri, your hard work is shifting the world. RESPECT.

- Erin Doumert, Integration & Psychedelic Guide

Blessings!!! The course is closing out soon and I am feeling so much around it. It feels like a bird being set free in the world with a blank canvas ready to paint any picture I desire. Like the path is a giant ocean with endless possibilities and no limits but the limits of my mind. It feels so freeing which simultaneously feeling like a lot of responsibility. I feel the excitement to run out into the world and create and also the pressure to consistently show up in my highest integrity to do my part in helping the psychedelic renaissance move towards a loving expression. It feels like all of us are standing at the presuppose of something enormous and we have all come here to help create and protect its evolution. What a gift! I’m so excited to be doing this with all of you!

Victoria Wueschner Co-founder, FIVE Education Platform & Tandava Retreats, Medicine Facilitator

I loved how much material there was! It took me a while to get through, but so worth it and I feel having access to this resource (and all the resources you provided!) is so valuable and exceeds the fee charged for this access. Thank you for all the work you’ve done here to provide it.


Interested in registering and have questions?

Use this form to email your inquiry or request a phone call. We will be happy to help you decide if Soulpreneur is right for your path or offer other suitable options. 

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