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Psychedelic Integration Therapy Master Program

Increase Safety, Efficacy & Transformation In The Psychedelic Therapy Journey

Psychedelic Integration Therapy Master Program is an original approach to psychedelic therapy combined with acute integration support. 

It offers a practical hand guide and support system for anyone who has heard about the potential of psychedelic experiences for psychological, physical and spiritual healing and transformation - and is looking for tools to utilize them with minimal risks and maximum benefits. 

A proven psychedelic therapy roadmap of safety and efficacy for individuals and professionals - purchase now to receive instant access: 

  • 30 video presentations with over 700 minutes of original psychedelic integration content by “The Matriarch of Psychedelic Integration” Shiri Godasi 

  • 4 comprehensive modules teaching you tried-and-true, practical strategies and techniques of psychedelic therapy protocols, safety, preparation, navigation, and integration
  • Printable e-book for each module - 100’s of pages of downloadable content
  • Self-reflective worksheets and journaling questions for each module
  • Dozens of resources for further learning: assignments, book recommendations, articles, integration practices, playlists, websites, videos, podcasts, and meditations.
  • Access course content on-demand, at your own pace - from anywhere in the world
  • 12-month access to all program materials
  • Transformative psychedelic education, integration and Self-development tools that will be useful for life
  • Increased confidence, minimized risks, amplified benefits, and sustained psychedelic-induced healing and change that will last a lifetime - priceless.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Program Testimonials:
“Shiri M. Godasi, a professional psychedelic integration coach and an innovator in the field of psychedelic therapy and integration, clearly has a great depth of knowledge and hands-on experience with this multi-faceted field. I strongly recommend this course as it provides an excellent overview appropriate to both new and experienced users of psychedelics for personal development. The course is well organized and covers virtually all issues, benefits, and challenges pertaining to the three-step process of (i) pre-psychedelic preparation; (ii) psychedelic experience navigation, including the importance of set and setting; and (iii) post-psychedelic integration. The latter is a critical and typically neglected phase that intends to maximize insights from the experience by identifying and applying specific actions into sustained, life-changing healing and growth.”
– Dr. Arthur H. Mitchell, Tucson, Arizona

“This course surpassed my hopes and expectations. Shiri’s depth of knowledge and experience is palpable, and I felt it was a real gift to learn from her. The course she created here is so generous, as is her spirit, and the value far exceeds the fee she is charging. This program provides vast academic and practical information and long lists of researched and in-depth resources and reading suggestions. I feel I gathered a wonderful toolbox to support those who are preparing for or integrating healing experiences. Thank you Shiri for generously sharing your lived wisdom and resources, and for supporting this soul healing work.”
- Natalie Cox