Cultivating The Courage To Awaken

Nov 28, 2022

By Shiri Godasi

I know beyond any doubt, that though we may be from different backgrounds & cultures, and perhaps possess different perspectives and worldviews - we are similar in that we are
wholly committed to our psychospiritual evolution, are on a mission to serve and have been on the path of ascension to unity consciousness for a while now. 

This here is the thread that is like
a recurring reminder - WE are one and the same. WE are from the same source. There is no separation and any stories of judgement, moral superiority, ethical supremacy, ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ - are the greatest illusion and obstacle that is blocking our path to reaching enlightenment. 

Many of us awaken randomly as black sheeps in our family, and we find it difficult to assimilate in a community that suddenly seems to speak a different language. That’s when we begin seeking the “Others”. Still, we take for granted the freedom we have to live the spiritual path and take awakening at our own pace. Many parts of the world are incredibly less fortunate.

The current leg of my journey has taken me deep into my roots - though I was born in Israel, my family at large is from Iran. For too many reasons to list here, the Iranian culture has always seemed foregin to me and I have disowned this part of my identity all of my life. 

Did you know that Iran is currently undergoing what will *hopefully* go down as one of the greatest uprisings in human history? Potentially not, as this event has been absent from international news, as well as the Iranian dictatorship has suspended internet coverage in most of the country. 

Since September, residents of Iran have been fighting against an oppressive regime that is refuting the people’s rights for the most basic sovereignty. As in, allowing women’s hair to fly free. Large parts of the country are beginning to awaken and are courageously speaking up. So far,
thousands of citizens have been awarded the death penalty for… Peacefully protesting the government.

If you are wondering - ‘what’s it to me? I never planned to visit Iran!’ Don’t be fooled for a minute. This is a collective stirring that has everything to do with us -
a part of us is fighting to death for OUR freedom. 

I have seen and experienced all of my life, the cultural oppression that is living through my bloodline. And truth be told, have fought to my own type of death, to free myself from it. Psychedelic integration was my life and saving grace. 

Clearly, it is not just Iran.
Every single culture/country has a controlling doctrine, a system that keeps people in deep slumber and makes it as challenging as possible for us to awaken and free ourselves from the delusional separation that has been keeping us behaving like obedient citizens. 

Having a hard time seeing how? Take a quick glance at the era of the pandemic. The blessing in the virus was that it jolted many of us awake and has caused us to fight for what we believe in. Suddenly, we found the courage to leave toxic environments, workplaces, relationships, homes and countries - and look for our tribes. And, to begin taking care of ourselves and the people we love. Despite the sanctions, most of us were still able to leave behind insane realities with relatively minimal difficulty. 

And yet not everyone has it so easy. Some people want to escape their realities - they are ready to awaken - and cannot.

Iran, and specifically the women of Iran - the mothers, daughters & young girls - are on my mind today more than ever. 

They were with me as I took my first psychedelic journey in over a year, during which I  painted this painting in their honor.



A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed on the topic of “Finding The Courage To Awaken In a Culture That Resists Awakening” for a psychedelic podcast called ZAMIN. Zamin is Earth… In Farsi. 

It's hard to put into words how meaningful this is for me…From the readiness of a rich, poetic people to finally awaken and courageously claim their human rights, to the fact that my dear parents and family at large will, maybe, finally be able to understand what I do and what I stand for.
Both the host and I cried immediately upon starting the interview. Despite no internet, the episode somehow had over a 100 downloads in Iran (!). 

The interview is fully in English with periodic Farsi translation. There are two parts to this podcast,
LISTEN TO PART 1 HERE. Part 2 will be published later this week. 

You are Courage in the flesh - do one thing today that embodies this power. 

May all people in all of the world - ALL OF US - be happy, healthy and FREE.



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Author’s Bio
Shiri Godasi (She/Her) is a teacher, visionary creatrix, depth poet and mother. She is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 psychedelic harm reduction organizations. She is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering others to step into radical authenticity/radical action to co-create a just world. Her professional certification program
The Psyched Soul PlaySkool of Integration & Soulpreneurship trains people to become creative system disruptors through expert psychedelic support and heart-centered leadership. Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, New-Earth sacred commerce, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle. 


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