April 18, 2024


Creative Sorcery, Soul-Path Alignment & Prayer Magick

 with Tara Divina


About The Episode 

The integration of psychedelics into personal growth and creativity forms the core of this powerful exchange between Shiri and guest Tara Divina, a mentor for those seeking to harness their creative and healing potential.

Tara shares her journey from a conventional career path to embracing a life enriched by Vedic astrology, the therapeutic use of plant medicine, and guiding others to find abundance through sharing their magical gifts.

Shiri and Tara discuss the complex culture of psychedelic healing, the pivotal role of integration, and the ancient art of prayer for aligning with one's highest truth. With insights on overcoming the limitations imposed by prevailing narratives of healing within the psychedelic space and an emphasis on action beyond healing, this episode presents a view on living a life that truly resonates with one’s soul purpose, supported by self-care, community engagement, and the passionate pursuit of living epic.

Topics Covered

✨ Introducing Tara Divina: a mentor for magical creatives

✨ Vedic Astrology and the significance of eclipses

✨ Tara’s journey of professional transformation

✨ The role of plant medicines in Tara’s evolution

✨ Integration practices and embodying creativity

✨ A day in the life of a creative sorceress

✨ Challenging the culture of healing within the psychedelic community

✨ Taking action beyond healing

✨ The power of prayer

✨ Prayer vs. manifestation

✨ Aligning with what's praying through you

✨ Practical prayer techniques and their impact

✨ Finding alignment and co-creation in life

✨ Navigating life's choices: yeses, nos, and alignment

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Episode Resources

‚ú® Platform: Healing from Healing

Tara Divina mentors magical people to monetize their creative & healing talents in a fun and sustainable way. She combines the practical experience of generating millions of dollars through her own businesses with her intuitive seeing of the deeper truths that we must look at in order to have real fulfillment.

Tara believes we can transform our reality through a combination of prayer, creativity and aligned action, and generate an upwards spiral of "wins" that benefits all beings. Her creative expression also includes being a healing musician, clothing designer and Vedic Astrologer.

ūüĆź Website: www.taradivina.com

ūüĆÄ Instagram: @taradivina¬†

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About Your Host: Shiri Godasi, M.A.


Shiri is a mother, pioneering psychedelic integration therapist & coach, and consciousness activator. An visiony educator for over 2 decades, she has founded multiple grassroots psychedelic harm reduction organizations to create on-ground support for people who use psychedelics and plant medicines to facilitate change in their lives and in their community. She teaches creative & heart-centered rebels to mindfully engage with psychedelics & plant medicines, and translate their visions into deep transformation, paradigm-shifting service and an epic lifestyle.