Psychedelic Visionary In Training

As you are getting ready to serve in the psychedelic revival,
you may be wondering:

  • How exactly do you develop a soul-aligned and paradigm-shifting career?
  • What are the career opportunities in the psychedelic renaissance - and how do you get started?
  • What professional training and skillsets are needed if you are interested in a psychedelic support vocation?
  • What are the ins and outs of pro-level psychedelic integration support?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges in psychedelic service and entrepreneurship, and how may they be mitigated?
  • How can psychedelic integration support you and your client’s journey towards psychological, spiritual, and vocational re/dis/covery?
  • How does one uphold a psychedelic support business while gracefully navigating the rapid changes in the field?
  • How do we decolonize the mental health system - and the psychedelic revival?

We’ve Got You!



The Psyched Soul Talx: Integration & Soulpreneurship
Masterclass Series with Shiri Godasi explores:

  • The wild and empowering journey of psychedelic therapy to integration & positive social change
  • The craft of psychedelic integration from a professional and decolonized standpoint
  • Creating paradigm-shifting, soul-centered careers in the psychedelic revival


  • Integration of multiple psychedelic experiences as a continuous non-linear process that often involves experiences with different substances, dosages, contexts and settings
  • “Meta-integration" as the integration of the total sum of people’s life-long psychedelic experiences into their personality, relationships and practice
  • The correlation between transpersonal psychology and integration 
  • The continuous transformation that takes place as a result of life-long relationships with psychedelics and the non-ordinary states
  • The potential benefits of recreational settings
  • Nir’s personal journey from trance festivals to founding one of the largest grassroots psychedelic support organizations worldwide
  • How Nir decided to dedicate his life to psychedelic support - and the decision to niche in integration
  • What acute steps Nir took to ensure he was properly trained to become an internationally-renowned expert provider and create a psychedelic career of service from scratch.


Nir is a transpersonal psychotherapist, phenomenological researcher and co-founder of Safe Shore - an internationally-renowned psychedelic education and crisis intervention project. He is a leading pioneer in the field of psychedelic integration methodology and support in Israel. He holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Middlesex University and is trained in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy. His Master’s thesis was focused on the psychedelic integration process as it unfolds in the lives of mental health professionals.