Overwhelm to Overflow: Disrupt and Reprogram Your Own Systems

Oct 03, 2022

By Shiri Godasi


How is your Fall going so far?


For me it is all about returning to basics, systemic disruption and reorganization of my life in a way that feels more supportive and aligned with the woman I am now. Which means - letting go of outdated plans and creative shifts on the constant! Such is the creative’s -  and the integrator’s - reality - not for the faint of heart.




Summer’s gifts yanked me out of a depression wormhole and throttle me into a reality of play, pleasure and creative expression from a place of abundant OVERFLOW. Yes please!


Who am I to argue with the Queen archetype that has taken tight hold of my psyche? When it all feels Happier, lighter, grounded, and more content and connected than it has in a very long time - I receive. 


For the first time in my life Self appreciation and exuberant love are coming alive within me.


And from this full challise that was literally spilling over transformational abundance, ecstasy, feeling so rooted and SO GOOD and ready to pour it forward, a brand new coaching program was conceived & beginning to be birthed - called… Overflow. A gift that was offered from the well of my soul, a place so deep and clear that reflected my newly elevated state of multidimensional wellness and alignment. 


So - my team and I have been hard at play setting up this program and preparing to launch this Fall. 


As I was adjusting my crown thinking I’VE NAILED IT, life - oh life - was happening, with unexpected plots and psychic twists that shocked me with their depth of insight (psychedelic-sober for 10 months now… And let me tell you, them soul-revealing agents are still working!). 


On the ground level, here’s the brief:
I had just wrapped up two months abroad, drove from the airport straight into a new house that needed to be unpacked/shopped for/fixed with unexpected maintenance issues. Also catching up with my task-loaded desk, strategizing the remainder of the year; settling back into our village, catching up with friends, making sure everyone is doing well. Searching for a new daycare for my 4 y/o, getting her back on track into the school year, signing her up for extracurricular activities. Working with two financial managers and figuring out my income after a fun-filled and costly vacation (and a new monthly rent increased by 40%); starting to work with a health coach to work on habits… Multiple projects all at once, each a titanic time and energy vampire. 


Systemic Regression

One morning after a sleepless night trying to figure out when exactly in the day my attention can be provided to all of these, I felt so completely anxious, utterly depleted, borderline defeated. The crown got lost between the sheets. 


And, like a good girl, I sat down to plow away at my task deadlines to not get into trouble with my business manager. 


I’ve been here before. Many, many times. Have created from this place consistently. The place of working my a$$ off to the point where I cease to exist. 


The place where my creative energy gets the best of me and wants to invent and reinvent the wheel - and me, my brand, my offerings, my message. 


The place where I feel like I am being dragged by an anxiety rollercoaster, anxiety that is generated to jolt my exhausted body and help it keep up (MDMA taught me that).  


The place that causes me to run on the hamster wheel, cycling on the circuit of it’s not enough, transmuting turbulent, often toxic energy to everyone around me. 


The incredibly lonely place where I am racing against myself. 


So I have been developing an obsession with system disruptions lately (are you registered to my new class Disrupt The System: Decolonizing The Psychedelic Revival?)


And, of course - my own jacked system was flashing neon in front of my drained face, trying to resuscitate me awake. HELLO!
This is not Overflow - this is Overwhelmed!


How on earth can I aim to lead people into a journey and hold for them a space of Overflow of wellness, abundance and joy - when my own system is not capable of demonstrating this?


This, I sensed, was not right. I had to listen real hard.


Overflow was my state of being at the time when I created the program. 
However, it was fleeting - and it is not yet embodied. 
It is still a creative vision - unintegrated.
Meaning, the program is out of alignment, it is still floating between the 8th and 3rd dimensions. 
[It is stuck in the birth canal and there will be no crowning - the queen is nowhere to be found!]
So, I cannot deliver it - not right now.


Bam. What an insight. 
(This is my brain without psychedelics).


And there went my business’s Fall strategy, and a promising source of income that the entire team is counting on. Mind you, there are 8 of us that are being sustained by these creations. So in the list of energetic stressors “what do I tell the team” became illuminated at top center.


Systemic Overhaul

And still… 
This season is challenging me to hijack, disrupt, decolonize and reprogram my own systems, instead of remaining enslaved to its hard-ingrained programming. 
Work systems
Financial systems
Home systems
Relational systems
Intimacy systems
Self care systems
Communal systems
What circuits run between these systems to inform and feed each other, and how exactly do they reinforce my life bottom to top. 


And of course, the master program of each and every single one of these systems is -
belief systems.


In order to shift the operating state and create solid and sustainable change in my life - what needed to be interrupted FIRST are my belief systems.


Beliefs are narratives. They are the lens through which we look at life, the operational instruction book. We will follow, think and act according to what we believe. In that sense, all beliefs are limiting beliefs. 


Of course, this theory is of my own belief. But as I wrote this, a famous quote popped into my head - 


“If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail”. 


I researched it to make sure I got it right before quoting here, and discovered that it is an entire theory called “The Law of the Instrument”. It was coined by humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow to demonstrate the idea of cognitive bias and over-reliance on what is real for us


What does this master belief system contain, and how exactly does it inform and create my every day reality? Only everything. And since this is such a hot topic for me this week, I am noticing them most in the edges of resistance


Review, Analyze, Debug, Redesign, Code, Test


For example, after an excruciatingly loaded week where the previous night I literally crawled into bed with tears of exhaustion, as I write this, it is Sunday and I finally had a “free” day. This meant there was finally time to organize the house, hang the laundry (no dryer in this Costa Rican lifestyle), meal prep for the week, sit with my budget chart, sign life insurance documents, complete this article, cross off overdue work tasks. 


But I knew, before all of this - it would be a good idea to take a breath, get to the beach for a good walk to decompress, and take care of my injured shoulder by getting a bodywork session (in our Costa Rican village they have these stations abundant up and down the water). What? You read right: I legit **had to convince myself** to go for a stroll on a tropical beach and get a massage while listening to the crashing waves, then a fresh coconut under the palm trees. 


Forget queenhood - who is this crazy person?


I am the daughter of upper-lower class, immigrant blue-collar workers who worked 7 days a week until their 70’s. For whom living comfortably was something reserved for our rich family from Bel Air, money was ever scarce, hobbies were a luxury, “self care” was never a concept, and “vacation” was not in the lexicon. If you can work - you work, you work at any job you can get and every minute you can, until it gets too dark and you crash for the night.


So I’ve been working, since age 11. Real friggin hard. 


Creating businesses, founding organizations, initiating movements, erecting modalities, innovating theories, restarting programs, reinventing the wheel. Proving I am worthy, proving I belong, proving I exist.


And if I am not “formally” working, there is always something else to do and keep busy. 


Using free time to chip at my to-do list is the behavioral outcome of my default operating system being on “work” mode. And the belief system that underlies this operating system, is programmed on the codes of insecurity and of lack. 


I grew up in an overwhelmed, unstable and ungrounded environment. I have absorbed this environment and have owned it as my unconscious internal environment. To compensate for the beliefs of insecurity and lack, I constantly, unconsciously, create an external reality of utter overwhelm. This is the hamster wheel, the cycle that I haven’t been able to break, that is preventing me from being in the softer receptive state of Overflow that is an organic byproduct of spaciousness. 


But as mentioned - this is the month of systemic disruption, decolonization and reorganization in my household, my world. This is the month where I give gratitude to all that has gotten me to this point in my life; and the ill master program, with all of its limiting beliefs and circus-like cycles, is shattered into smithereens. 


Overwhelm, exhaustion, depletion
Creating chaos
Messy backstages
Living in cramped spaces
Conditions that weren’t set by me
Toxic relationships
Projections and gaslighting
Open ends and Incomplete cycles
Addictive behaviors
Limited expressions
Outdated styles and versions of me
Mindless eating
Financial avoidance
Creating out of lack
Needing to know
Evidence before trust
Fear of being too much.


The limitless Self, the Queen of **this** SOVEREIGN HOUSEHOLD that despite her heritage gets to create absolutely any Queendom she so desires - The Queen returns to stake her territory and reign on her own domain. 
I AM creating my reality
A queendom of space
of ease
of riches
of abundance
of authentic expression - even if it ruffles other people’s feathers, their own limited systems
of support
of opportunity
of offers coming to me
of sexy cozy
of comfort
of connection, integration, creation
of Aligned Overflow.


And when this vision truly feels embodied, when it is integrated into alignment in this dimension - then the Overflow program will be fully birthed.


Until then - I am not inventing any wheels no more, and taking it at my own pace. I’m excited to see what will OVERFLOW from the new spaciousness system that I am *insisting* on instilling in my life. I welcome what wants to reveal itself now that I can breathe… What a gift. 


And do tell, Beloved:
What systems are You intending on disrupting this month?
What belief systems need to be broken through in Your mind?
What is possible for You if you allow yourself to reorganize, and do things different? 


If you need a mindset reprogramming: register for my upcoming, no-cost, consciousness expanding experience here. 


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Btw - I ended up going for the walk and getting that massage. So much tension was released from my overwhelmed body that I legit laughed hysterically, nonstop with tears on that massage table, causing all masseuses at the station to join the laughing party. I even took a nap afterward!


It required a serious disruption, but by Queen - it was worth it. 


And You’ve got this. 


Author’s Bio
Shiri Godasi (She/Her) is a teacher, visionary creatrix, depth poet and mother. She is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 psychedelic harm reduction organizations. She is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering others to step into radical authenticity/radical action to co-create a just world. Her professional certification program
The Psyched Soul PlaySkool of Integration & Soulpreneurship trains people to become creative system disruptors through expert psychedelic support and heart-centered leadership. Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, New-Earth sacred commerce, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle. 


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