For Cluck’s Sake - Don’t Start a Psychedelic Business Until You Do THIS

Apr 12, 2022

 By Shiri Godasi

A good friend of our family’s, who completed my integration program, recently shared with me about his work with another psychedelic business coach that I very much respect.


I learned that this coach teaches people to create psychedelic businesses and encourages them to NOT train in psychedelic support - because it is not needed to start a psychedelic business (to their opinion). 


After a massive dose of MDMA in 2014 blasted my soul raw I was convinced my purpose was to help people heal through psychedelics. With the limited resources that were available back then I threw myself on any opportunity that would adequately train me to offer integration services. I wanted to help people, started as a coach, and somehow ended up creating 5 psychedelic support organizations.


What I wish someone told me back then, is that indeed you do not need any certification, degree or license to help people; that people are good enough as they are to offer loving presence = the true power that heals. So FYI - You are whole and perfect as You are - and that is enough to help others and be of service anywhere, anytime. 


BUT (!) 


What I wasn’t told is that scaling a psychedelic business is actually the easy part! Frankly, you’ll have clients lining at your door and throwing their $$ at you. What’s more challenging is ensuring that your soul is deeply aligned with this service and your motives are straight - and the only way to KNOW this is to DO THE DAMN INTEGRATION WORK FIRST. 


What I’m saying is, the only way to be aligned with your soul medicine is to first know your soul. In psychedelic business this means You actually need to do the integration work before making a business out of your soul medicine. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the cup will be foul AF.


Intentions are not enough. A professional SKILLSET to actually KNOW how to support this powerful and risky modality, is not optional - it is VITAL. 


Would you trust a person that has never flown before to be the pilot of your aircraft


Then why should your clients trust You, if You have no experience in undergoing an integration process, learning how to actually support it - and providing it?


If You are looking to offer professional psychedelic support services: You best also care about harm reduction + working ethically in a field that is laden with egotistical opportunists.


If You pose yourself as an expert in the field, have people pay You for your ethical guidance & expertise, and capitalize on the psychedelic renaissance -


For fuck’s sake - get proper psychedelic support training. 


And better yet - get yourself mentors that actually work with integration clients and have built a psychedelic support business - or 5. 


Author’s Bio
Shiri Godasi (She/Her) is a teacher, visionary creatrix, depth poet and mother. She is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 psychedelic harm reduction organizations. She is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering others to step into radical authenticity/radical action to co-create a just world. Her professional certification program
 The Psyched Soul PlaySkool of Integration & Soulpreneurship trains people to become creative system disruptors through expert psychedelic support and heart-centered leadership. Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, New-Earth sacred commerce, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle. 

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