Creativity Overflow & Shadow Play

Aug 25, 2022

By Shiri Godasi


How is it going orienting around the pleasure pole vs. organizing around the trauma pole?


(If this is a puzzle, refer to the recent blog for a refresher, or watch this video).


For me - so far so friggin great. One thing that has been very real for me since the recent lion’s gate is that a new portal of creativity through pleasure has been opened. And I said FUCK YES. 


So I’ve been up to all sorts of things: 


Participating in art sessions. 
Acting the muse and the creatrix. 
Playing with personal aesthetics. 
Got a whole new wardrobe and tons of colored makeup. 
Experimenting with new pleasure toys. 
Writing pages of poems and songs and articles. 
Speaking words. 
Rapping (!). 
Interpreting integration programs that feel like they are being extracted through the umbilical cord of Source (sign up below to receive my newsletter for first invites).


All sorts of things are flowinggg and OVERFLOWING. I say let it! My cup is beautifully full.


Expansion, expansion, expansion. 




Lion’s gate or not, it’s not a coincidence that the muse has been alive and roaring in my home. 


As a ritual, I’ve been making it a point to make space for her every single day. An invocation if you will. 


And having oodles of fun with this new integration practice/type of shadow play (that’s right!) that illuminates the unconscious AND doesn’t involve sitting in the dark and purging out those pesky demons.


Try this “stream of song”* method - here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your mouth and sing what comes out **without judgment**.
  2. Sing and watch all of your stories of Self-worth come up. Observe the choir. Stay cool.
  3. Continue singing.
  4. Give yourself a big hug for making it through ✋🏼✋🏼


Bonus: You may even find you have written a haiku while doing your “work”. 


Speaking of OVERFLOW… It’s rain-river season again in Costa Rica and this month marks a full solar return since I’ve left Los Angeles for the wilderness. After a  year of shuffling, yearning, shedding, releasing, grieving, swimming in the unknown (and, let’s be fair - in amazing tropical beaches), experimenting, reimagining... It’s time to express. 


Bring on the artistic renaissance.


Be Free,

* The “stream of song” integration tool was shared with me by Larisa Gosla, an incredible musician, voice-activation teacher and uber-talented being. Though she does not call it that, I learned this technique in a private voice session with her last year. Highly recommend!


Author’s Bio
Shiri Godasi (She/Her) is a teacher, visionary creatrix, depth poet and mother. She is best known for her pioneering methods in the field of psychedelic integration and community bridging, including founding 5 psychedelic harm reduction organizations. She is passionate about creating a decolonized, psychedelic-positive counterculture and empowering others to step into radical authenticity/radical action to co-create a just world. Her professional certification program
The Psyched Soul PlaySkool of Integration & Soulpreneurship trains people to become creative system disruptors through expert psychedelic support and heart-centered leadership. Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, New-Earth sacred commerce, Eastern philosophy and multidisciplinary arts, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle. 


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