The purpose of this course is to:

  • Focus on increasing safety and effectiveness of three popular psychedelics: MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ketamine.
  • Share information about psychedelic therapy and healing
  • Provide the participant with an expanded understanding of the psychological and pharmacological processes of psychedelic drugsAcquire practical therapeutic frameworks that can support individuals who undergo psychedelic experiences for psycho-spiritual healing purposes. 


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In this course we explore:

  • Differences in psychedelic use contexts and how they may effect your outcomes
  • Clinical pharmacology of MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine
  • Psychiatric, medical, and pharmaceutical contraindications
  • Potential psychological and physical risks and benefits of psychedelic use
  • MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine clinical research (updated 2019)
  • A psychedelic screening process to maximize safety for clients, and for individuals
  • Protocols of psychedelic therapy & healing modalities
  • Skillsets for optimal preparation, navigation and integration of psychedelic experiences
  • Practical interventions to support clients using psychedelics.

Course lessons:

  • Introduction to Psychedelic Neuroscience
  • Psychedelics, Psychotropics & Mental Illness
  • Pharmacology By Substance: MDMA, Psilocybin & Ketamine
  • Risks & Benefits of Psychedelic Use: Psychiatric, Psychological & Life Situation
  • Psychedelic Therapy, Education & Professional Ethics
  • Preparation for Psychedelic Therapy
  • Psyset: Introduction to Psychedelic Navigation Skills
  • Introduction to Psychedelic Integration


This course is suitable for:

  • Individuals who are thinking about using psychedelics
  • Persons interested in providing psychedelic support
  • Professionals wanting to expand their understanding and methods of psychedelic healing.

Course instructors:

Shiri M. Godasi, M.A., B.Ed., and Benjamin Malcolm, Pharm.D, MPH.


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What participants are saying about this course:

Shiri's and Ben’s seminar on Psychedelic Healing was excellent - it was really two seminars in one. They bring deep understanding and wisdom of the psychedelic experience to life. I’ve been working with plant medicines for over 30 years, and it’s a testament to both of them that I still learned a lot. Highly recommended!

- Richard Grossman, Ph.D.

Thank you so much for such a thorough presentation of what is needed to use such a beautiful modality. I myself in the past year have just went on this journey to heal past trauma and it has been profound. So profound that I feel called to do this work somehow combining this in my own practice. Such grace and professionalism. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cannot wait for the next teaching.!

- Kimberly A Fouche', LMFT


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