Why designate a trusted ally as you navigate psychedelic integration

Jul 13, 2023

By Shiri Godasi


We know that psychedelic medicines provide a high potential for positive change in minimal time.

With that, they are no "magic bullet".

To ensure efficacy they require proper conditions, protocols, skillset and trusted support as you navigate the trenches of your limitless soul.


After 8 robust years of providing integration support to 1000’s of clients in various capacities, I have some exciting news - 

I am returning to making one-on-one psychedelic-positive therapy the primary focus of my services.



  1. With proper facilitation & integration entheogens are unparalleled in their ability to create profound and long-lasting change, 


  1. As a fellow psychenaut I know *very well* the size of the waves we surf! 

And, that having an alliance with someone that fully gets the ineffability & destabilizing factors of entheogens, alleviates the pressure and fear we may have when approaching conventional therapists that do not speak this language.


Not only will I *not* think you’re crazy - but I’ll reflect to you how what you are going through may be an illumination of your boundless spirit and dharmic path; provide tools for deepened introspection and healing; and acute action steps on alchemizing your gleaned wisdom into real-life change.

Read more about the techniques we will employ in our sessions together here.

How confident am I in my methods & ability to support you towards reaching your goals?

I guarantee results

with assessment tools to measure your progress & a roster of transformed and thriving clients as proof.

If you are ready to dive into a season of deep investigation, release of all that is holding you back and re-creation of your higher self -
book a free call with me here. 

directly book a coaching therapy session at your convenience.

In Soul Service,




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