War will teach us integration

Oct 16, 2023

By Shiri Godasi


By now you are likely aware of what is becoming a global crisis due to the recent terror attacks in Israel. 

You may also be aware that I am a Jewish woman that was born in and spent some of my life in Israel. Hundreds of family members and friends, including my immediate family, reside in Israel. The impact of these events is very much real for me, and those of you that follow me on the socials have shared it.

It is too easy to identify with a side, find validation to our narrative, and to polarize it into a convenient truth.

It is more of a challenge to observe and validate the entire field of reality and accept all narratives as true; and to peacefully coexist with it all. 

This is a ninja-level mindfulness skill and the pearl of Buddhist philosophy, also called equanimity. 

In the psychedelic world, we call it integration. 

The polarization, fragmentation and the split, is what oppressive systems condition us to buy into. Why? Simple: as long as the people are fragmented and divided, the system will continue to thrive. And no one will be free. 

How do we know that we are held captive by an oppressive system?

When we are unable to offer unconditional compassion to all beings; justify violence; and even call for suffering. 

Unfathomable crimes have been committed by countless nations for millennia. How do people find the way to heal and move forward?

Typically, by finding meaning and reconciliation within themselves. The book Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl explores this in depth. 

The need for revenge and to find healing through direct interaction with our oppressors, is what keeps us sick, traumatized, victimized and disempowered. 

We must accept that we may never receive the apology and validation we are seeking from our oppressor. 

This approach is not to wash responsibility, gloss over any truth, or invalidate pain. It is purely a sober and practical approach, that Pema Chodron may call “cool observation”: no emotional attachment, just seeing and accepting things as they are so we can ultimately dismember our own suffering and find the peace, ease and comfort that we are seeking. 

When we shed the codependency and become truly sovereign, what is possible then? 

How can we heal ourselves for the sake of us?

How much do we love ourselves to let go and find other, more joyful ways, to exist?

The reality is,

As long as we demand vengeance, we are not free. 

As long as we are enslaved to toxic righteousness, we are not free. 

As long as we force justice, we will not know peace. 


How do we return to harmony, unity and peace within us

So we can return to harmony, unity and peace in the collective?

This is the foundation of psychedelic integration. 


If this global conflict will teach us anything 

it is integration.

Here is a list of steps to help us integrate a psychedelic experience; and this conflict, these historical times as a peak transformational experience:

  1. Become aware of reality as it is, observe information & insights
  2. Use discernment to articulate what is “true” and what is “truth”
  3. Examine your relationship to the insights, review attachments
  4. Collect projections, release codependences
  5. Dismantle your own belief systems
  6. Let go of stories and narratives that are causing suffering
  7. Accept that the corrective experience you may need from others to heal, may never happen
  8. Find forgiveness within yourself and with community
  9. Cultivate compassion and kindness for All
  10. Learn to coexist in peace with it All. 

Once we have compassion for all that we are

We can have compassion for All. 


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My heart is with all innocent victims of the conflict, and all people held captive by oppressive systems. May all people be happy and free. 




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