Psychedelics are *not* the medicine

Jul 18, 2023

By Shiri Godasi


If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that your girl is less a fanatic advocate for psychedelics - more a psychedelic-positive ally.

I’ve been walking the path of depth psychology-informed integration - first as a psychenaut, then with the added therapist lens, for almost a decade.

May not be the most popular opinion with the entheogenic messiahs, but frankly, as with any other healing modality, psychedelics are not for everyone. 


Furthermore, sitting with psychedelics is not the goal - and entheogens are not “the medicine”!

The goal in psychedelic integration is simple: to become aware of the multidimensionality that is You, and bring them into total harmony in through the human experience. 

Your *wellness every step of the way* is the top priority. 

As a psychedelic-positive therapist and coach I am in service to helping you preserve & increase your most precious resources: time, energy, wellness, and creativity.


And I have witnessed time and again how people/the community project their own power on an external modality - perpetuating their own traumatic patterns and suffering. 


Many people hold the belief that psychedelics are their last resort, unconsciously giving their power away to the medicine.

I hold the belief that “the medicines” are powerful agents of awakening - of a soul medicine that is already within you. 

My coaching employs an empowering, psycho-educational method that awakens your wise inner healer and replaces your conscious power back into your hands.


We will engage with the cornucopia of consciousness medicines and tools for awakening support, on an as-needed basis to reach your goals.


But they are not the decision-driver and makers of your destiny... You are. 

Numerous clients have said that a talk session with me is as potent and transformational as taking a psychedelic or plant medicine journey.


Warning: You may be so incredibly activated, reach profound breakthroughs and heal to a point where you will find psychedelics are no longer needed for you - as some of my past clients have. 


Through our psychedelic-informed relationship I pledge to get you to that place of embodied, powerful conviction and confidence in yourself - that you are able to create the life you desire, without projecting your power on external mechanisms.


I’m now accepting a limited number of private clients for short and long-term work.  Book a free exploration call with me here, or directly book a coaching therapy session at your convenience.


I invite you to become aware of, call back and manipulate your power in a way that it is channeled towards creating the greatest masterpiece of your life - your wellbeing, explosive joy and abundant creative genius.


This here is the true medicine. 



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