Play the game: Dive deeper into psychedelic space

Nov 29, 2023

by Shiri Godasi

The integration journey is like a game: once you unlock a level and catch your breath on your laurels thinking that you’ve made it! There comes the next level: Multilayered insights. Stretchier challenges. Greater mystery... 

We think we have learned our lesson until it shows up even *bigger* in our lives. 

And we thought we were “doing the work” and we were thiiiiis close to (finally) being “healed”, “whole”, even “integrated” (what does that even look like?). We were about to complete this game of healing and start living…

The truth is that we may never get there (!).


Because, healing, wholeness and even integration, is not some destination to arrive at.

They are all the journey… They are *the game* itself. 

‘What’s the catch, Shiri?’

I mean to say, 

That ceremony,

That psychedelic hyper-awareness,

The precious insights that teach us so much about ourselves and that we get to grow from because we choose to - 

They are not a privilege kept only for when we’re happy-high on two tabs of LSD…

They are a way of life. The Psychedelic Life. 

Our life is already psychedelic

It’s just that you forgot. 

That’s why I’m here 🙂

‘What do you mean, that life is psychedelic?’

Imagine having that constant awareness, presence, insights with/without ingesting substance. An appreciation of the little things. A deeply felt gratitude that moves you to tears, when you’re loading the dishwasher. 

Imagine having an a-ha! breakthrough healing moment not in a secluded maloka but as you prepare for a big work meeting–and not being terrified to the seat of your pants, with this bizarre & inexplicable occurrence.

Imagine being surrounded by people that know *exactly* what you mean, without you having to explain, or fearing you may sound like a lunatic.

Imagine knowing just what to do with this breakthrough, leveraging momentum to create real and noticeable change in your life. 

Imagine that it actually lasts. 

And that somehow that cool avatar concept of your “highest self” became your reality. 

You *feel* all the levels in this game, are cool with surprise challenges, and you know how to seamlessly navigate whatever comes your way. Best of all? You’re actually having a blast! What a ride…

‘Shiri, I’m in–take me there. What is this place??’

It’s The Psychedelic Life, my unique playspace for psychenauts, furnished with educational courses, live integration coaching, and creative community 24/7. 

Anyone entering this space receives lifetime access to all of these. 

You are reading this blog… Safe to say, you are seeking solid information and support to elevate your (or your clients’) life through psychedelic journeys. Upgrade your commitment to the integration path and double down on making it your lifestyle.

Join Psychedelic Life now at a special founding member rate: use code LOVEHEALS at checkout for 50% off an already-reduced rate. 

Pay once, and you’re in the psychedelic sphere for Life. 

How will you choose to play this game? And where is your next level leading you…

I case you may believe you have no say on your journey, placing your power externally, hanging on to the “surrender” narrative, FYI:

It can absolutely be by design. 

And it all starts with a declaration, to commit to the vision of your life.

Integration is life... We're going All in. 


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