How to discover your soul purpose

Jul 31, 2023

Only a quick question for my ladies today:

Why are you here? (dum dum dummmm)

What is the mission you are here to fulfill?

Some people like to call it purpose -

That which gives your life meaning and pulls you forward.

If you are on the awakened spiritual path you have a divine assignment to fulfill - this is your soul medicine

One way to clarify your soul medicine is drilling into your values. 


Values are the subjective anchor point of who we are. The core center of our soul, our spark. 

A soul code that we carry as a light language. 

Your message, your assignment, your purpose, your service, your soul-aligned business, your niche… 

The foundation of your prayer. 

It is WHO YOU ARE and what you are here to take stand for.


If values are so foundational to living a soul-aligned life, 

How is it that so few of us take the time to figure this out?


Here's a straightforward roadmap you can use to discover your values/soul purpose:

I walked my sisters through a potent exercise and also shared my personal values on day 3 of our recent Women’s Soul retreat. You can watch the full series in our dedicated group and follow the roadmap. 

Highly recommended, from personal experience.


Clarifying my values was monumental in my psychedelic integration journey. 

It has provided me with levels of conviction, confidence, validation, security and self love greater than I ever knew possible. 


My wish is for every woman to feel this for herself. 

Because only when we possess this level of self reverence, love and care for ourselves - will we be able to extend the same for others. 

Why does this matter for psychedelic providers?

Because we are in the business of helping people live a more integrated, soul-aligned life

We are in the business of helping people become free. 

Only when we free ourselves - can we help others become free. 


Because I know first-hand how testing it is to keep up with, stay sane & serve from the soul as an awakened woman - I was guided to birth Psychedelic Soul - a women-only integration vortex  that is a safe, non-judgmental place to do your work - through play, creativity and mystery, and no part of you remains off the table. 

In this entheogenic sisterhood circle we dive into numerous, multidimensional topics that are on the mind and heart of every woman living the psychedelic lifestyle


Lots of value in the group. With that - 

The *true* value of Psychedelic Soul is that in this vortex you will receive the most priceless benefit of all - 

Discovering and LIVING the true, authentic and pure essence and purpose of your multidimensional soul. 


Simply, receiving you as the ultimate value. 

How much is that worth to you?

Join us.

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