A Soapbox For The Psychedelic Woman

Jan 31, 2024

By Shiri Godasi

It’s soapbox day 🥳

But you need to take your place right beside me.

It took 18 months after The Psyched Soul opened its trailblazing and comprehensive psychedelic integration therapy certification training back in January 2020, before multiple other long-term integration training programs to follow suit. This was exciting news as it meant that demand for integration providers was on the rise, and more options are available for consumers.

The founders of other programs are esteemed colleagues and friends of mine–I raise a toast in witnessing their success.

There is no ‘competition’ as 1. the universe has abundance for all creators and 2. We each serve a specific audience.

✨ My people have always been visionary and creative rebel-types: humongous hearts and old souls in human bodies that want to serve and do things in integrity.

✨ They are not shy of looking within for personal development (and have a million certifications to prove) and want to incorporate all of their hard-earned wisdom & skills –ALL OF THEM–into meaningful work.

✨ They think out of the box and have a lot to share with the world but they are afraid of imposter syndrome and lack confidence in voicing exactly what they believe.

✨ They like to go “their way” and find their own path… Just need a nudge in the right direction.

✨  They look for a place where their wild side and creative energies can be embraced and “disciplined” into proper practices and methods that will yield grounded, real-life results.

✨ And most importantly, they want a place where the truth of who they are can be set free.

So everything I create has always been with my people in mind.

Is that you? And do you identify as a woman?

If not… No need to read further. Out of pure respect for your time.

If it is you:

Are you joining me? Yes, on THIS soapbox.

**That is, In living the psychedelic service vocation of your dreams while standing in your full power.**

I say with confidence even with the variety of training available today that the value that the Psyched Soul PlaySkool provides in content, methodology, field experience, scope of integration techniques and our student outcomes - remains unparalleled.

Specifically for my people.

At the Psyched Soul PlaySkool: Visionary Women’s Cohort you “do your work” through play and creation, go through your own experiential, in-depth integration process and embody your own medicine, to prepare you to help others embody theirs.

🦋 You transform into that visionary woman that learns to lead not just authentically but
ethically 🦋

🧿 You become an integration coach, not by collecting information but by living psychedelic integration 🧿

So: is that you?

If so:

Learn more about the program and how you can join here

Peak into our exclusive program curriculum to learn exactly how we have helped raise 100+ of our field’s most inspiring change makers. And how we will help you rise.

Will you stand with us?

Nothing is more poignant than a group of soul-connected women collaborating on a shared mission, to help people become free. Nothing!

I'm here for it.

We have the space for you to stand with us.

The world begs for larger soapboxes for psychedelic visionary women.

The medicine comes to life through You.

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