3-steps to Integrate Happiness & Increase the Psyched Factor in Your Life

Jan 03, 2024

by Shiri Godasi

New year, who dis??

The Gregorian calendar was introduced by religious patriarchy and, unsurprisingly, goes against all of nature’s intelligence. The days and months change continuously, create chaos and do not align with lunar (monthly) cycles of 4 weeks/28 days. Gregorian calendar months can have 28, 30 or 31 days, sometimes even 29 depending on the year. It is nearly impossible to keep current with this calendar, without an external calendar. Could it be time for this outdated system to crumble?

Here in Costa Rica, we forgo the typical Northern hemisphere systems and follow the land’s signature Green (ie rainy) season, and Dry season. On a granular level locals abide by the ocean's tides (which are connected with the moon) for daily surf and beach walks, and of course: the obligatory sunset party to be humbled by god’s design. 

Quite a change from my hectic life in LA, which I left only two short years ago in pursuit of peace and happiness. 

Integrating happiness

In a recent plant medicine ceremony I was faced with a simple and brutal question: what brings you happiness? 

Brutal because, for the entire night of the ceremony, I could not answer it for the life of me!

Well… Thank goodness we’ve got integration. The days after the ceremony I took this question to the beach, knowing that immersion in clear water will yield clarity… Rather quickly I jotted down a short list of items that bring me joy: all relating to connection and creativity, my 2 primary values. That was easy. 

But to be real:

My top creative projects, things I love to do and bring me so much joy, have been at the bottom of my priority list for the past 2-3 years. Why? They require a high investment of time and $$. Particularly now, running a single-parent household these are not resources I can easily allocate.

But that sacred plant consciousness made it evident: I can no longer afford to not focus on what makes me happy. 

I mean, my business is named The Psyched Soul

How is that for an exercise in disillusionment…

For integrity’s sake: what is being asked in this leg of my integration journey is to work at being psyched, in areas of my life. AND, not hinging it on matters of survival. 

How to integrate true happiness into your life and increase your Psyched factor:

  1. Take time to think about what makes you happy. Hint: look at your calendar and notice how certain appointments rejuvenate and uplift you, and how others may feel heavy and draining. Joy is uplifting and energizing–follow that. 
  2. Focus on the long game, goals that will yield immense joy (and serotonin) vs. actions that yield immediate but short-lasting pleasure (thanks to dopamine spikes). 
  3. Give your time only to what you want to see grow in your life (!).

wo things I love and invite more of this year = sisterhood + integration. 

Recently more women have been reaching out expressing an interest in becoming certified in integration coaching and I decided to put together a group of visionary women for an accelerated mentorship and certification program. Forgoing complex operations systems requiring exuberant price tags this season… Participation in this group will be ~50% of my previous certification program. All details are here. If you are a heart-centered woman that has decided 2024 is the year of profound personal & professional transformation with a powerful group of soul sisters, and the year of stepping into your calling as an integration service provider–apply now.

This group is but a taste of my plans to increase my Psyched factor… My community will be the first to hear about them in upcoming emails which reveal to you the extent of my devotion to my integration practice, and how you can be a part of it! 

Wishing you an inspiring year filled with joy, happiness, and all sorts of Psyched’s ;)

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