Psyched Soul Talx 

with Shiri M. Godasi

Is a no-cost event series exploring
the Creative & Wild Journey
from Integration to Soulpreneurship

Upcoming Event: Integration & Pain Management

Friday, April 29th, 2022

9:30 am PT

90 minutes

Anie will be sharing about their/her journey of psychedelic integration & pain management from a trauma-informed, compassion-centered perspective. They/she will also share about what methods help them/her support clients that seek tools for pain management while living a life full of joy, and offer a nourishing experiential practice to the listeners. Anie will also share a message that they/she come back to over and over in their work that has shaped their training and keeps them grounded in intention to show up to their clients - and to themselves - in a skillful and heart-centered way.


Speaker Bio: Anie Boudreau has lived with a brain injury after suffering from nearly 30 concussions as a downhill mountain bike racer and snowboarder. It’s been a journey in learning how to maneuver through pain every day while living a joyful life. Anie created School of Reverence and the Embodied Wonderment Method coach training program, which are birthed out of their/her own trauma integration experience, as well as their/her experience in supporting clients struggling with addiction.

Anie is a Certified Yoga Therapist, an Advanced-level Addiction Recovery Coach & Trainer, and Certified Contemplative Psychology Educator. They are a specialist in pain science, nervous system regulation, movement for trauma, psychedelic treatment for addiction recovery and the psychology of the mind and how to have difficult conversations. Anie is diligently learning to connect more deeply with the unseen energies and spirit guides who lead and support them on this journey. Anie has realized that the healing power of sharing their story significantly eases their symptoms.

This is the practice of speaking from the heart and the potent and powerful part of the work done at School of Reverence.

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Integration & Pain Management

The event is recorded live; registrants will receive a link to the recording

The purpose of Psyched Soul Talx is to share about the wild and empowering journey from psychedelic therapy & integration to creating paradigm-shifting careers in the psychedelic revival; we also share about the craft of psychedelic integration from a professional and decolonized standpoint. You will get an inside view into stories of context (Why we do it) and learn practical skillsets (How we do it)

Through candid conversations with guest experts we dive deep into integration modalities and their implementation into the budding field of psychedelic support, and tap into their creative and perfectly-messy processes of reinventing new standards in psychospiritual re/dis/covery. This is the place to connect with the authentic trailblazers and daring visionaries of our time, and to be inspired to forge novel ways of living through the human experience.

Psyched Soul Talx series is meant to spark curiosity, reveal soul-aligned entrepreneurial possibilities, and ignite creative conscious action towards greater positive social change.

Psyched Soul Talx is hosted by Shiri M. Godasi, a psychedelic-positive creatrix, pioneering integration teacher, 8-time Soulpreneur, community activist and mother. 

This series is for those who are interested in:

  • Learning about the budding field of psychedelic therapy and integration support
  • Developing a soul-aligned and paradigm-shifting career in the psychedelic revival
  • Expanding their professional integration skillset expertise
  • Discovering how psychedelic integration can support their journey towards psychological, spiritual, and vocational re/dis/covery
  • Embracing a decolonized way of humaning

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Psyched Soul Talx

If you can't join the live event, you will receive a link to the recording

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