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You don't need to lose control to change your life with psychedelics...

You need


You're on a psychedelic growth and healing journey, transforming your life and wanting to help others heal and awaken.

The most predictable thing about psychedelics and plant medicines is that they are completely unpredictable. 

But there are numerous ways to gain control over your healing journey and skillfully navigate your transformational path. You can minimize risks, challenges and the chance for bad trips, increase positive outcomes and create the free and fulfilling life you desire. 


Psychedelic Life is your ultimate education support, integration coaching and community hub--

with transformation for Life. 



A comprehensive support system for applied psychedelic integration therapy created by Shiri Godasi M.A., "The Matriarch of Psychedelic Integration", including

1. Live coaching and Q/A with Shiri: group mentorship calls for all of your psychedelic support needs: therapy & integration skills, facilitation & guiding, visionary business set up & management, ceremonial living & more. Join from anywhere in the world, 12-month access [valued at +$4999]

2. Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Breakthrough Program: 30 modules to create your safe, deep and effective psychedelic integration therapy journey [valued at $376]

3. Psyched Soul Talx: Integration x Soulpreneurship Masterclass Series: learn to shift from "work" into a soul-aligned service career in the psychedelic revival, from leading medicine facilitators, teachers, coaches and therapists [valued at $148]

4. Psychedelic Healing and Therapy: From Theory to Practice, specialized course for Psilocybin, Ketamine, MDMA with Shiri Godasi M.A. and Dr. Ben Malcolm [valued at $198]

5. Deciphering The Mystical: Meaning Making & Interpretation of Psychedelic Journeys [valued at $99]

6. Psychedelic Integration 101: The What, Why, When & How of Integrating Psychedlic Experiences [valued at $99]

7. The Sphere Learning Lab: specialized resource library for applied psychedelic integration, psychedelic leadership and visionary business skills [valued at $1999]

8. 24/7 Psychedelic Life community support group - [valued at $2999]

Unlearning of all that is hindering your life, inspiration for your future, tapping into your infinite field of possibility and creation of your new reality [Priceless]


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Who is Psychedelic Life for?

Whether you are psychedelic-curious going through a healing an awakening process

An experienced psychenaut wanting to learn new tools

A trained clinician needing a professional intervention tool kit

Or wanting to become an integration coach and offer psychedelic support:

Join our thousands of students that have transformed their lives and made impact in their communities with applied psychedelic integration. 

What People Are Saying:

Shiri Godasi, a professional psychedelic integration coach in Los Angeles and an innovator in the field of psychedelic therapy and integration, clearly has a great depth of knowledge and hands-on experience with this multi-faceted field. I strongly recommend this course as it provides an excellent overview appropriate to both new and experienced users of psychedelics for personal development. The course is well organized and covers virtually all issues, benefits, and challenges pertaining to the three-step process of (i) pre-psychedelic preparation; (ii) psychedelic experience navigation, including the importance of set and setting; and (iii) post-psychedelic integration. The latter is a critical and typically neglected phase that intends to maximize insights from the experience by identifying and applying specific actions into sustained, life-changing healing and growth.

- Dr. Arthur H. Mitchell, Tucson, Arizona

This course surpassed my hopes and expectations. Shiri’s depth of knowledge and experience is palpable, and I felt it was a real gift to learn from her. The course she created here is so generous, as is her spirit, and the value far exceeds the fee she is charging. This program provides vast academic and practical information and long lists of researched and in-depth resources and reading suggestions. I feel I gathered a wonderful toolbox to support those who are preparing for or integrating healing experiences. Thank you Shiri for generously sharing your lived wisdom and resources, and for supporting this soul healing work.

- Natalie Cox

I loved how much material there was! It took me a while to get through, but so worth it and I feel having access to this resource (and all the resources you provided!) is so valuable and exceeds the fee charged for this access. Thank you for all the work you’ve done here to provide it.

- Anonymous