$99.00 USD


With Integration pioneer & psychedelic educator Shiri Godasi M.A.

Learn the interdisciplinary modality of psychedelic integration to support your own ceremonial work, your medicine community, or your clients’. 

Participants in the class will learn: 

  • WHAT are the 4 pillars of the psychedelic experience, stages of psychedelic integration & impacted life domains 
  • WHY integration is a vital part of the psychedelic experience + how it can accelerate healing, wellbeing and a soul-aligned life
  • WHEN psychedelic integration takes place: the integration timeline continuum, practical immediate techniques & long term strategies 
  • HOW to integrate psychedelic and plant medicine journeys with an emphasis on managing challenging experiences, general guidelines and a variety of acute integration-supportive practices.


  • 2.5 hours of all-original psychedelic Integration-specific program: methodology, interventions and practice
  • A printable ebook of class materials
  • Study recommendations
  • Integration case study discussion
  • 12-month access to all materials

This presentation is for harm reduction and educational purposes only.

About Psychedelic Integration:

When engaging with psychedelic substances and plant medicines the visions, personal lessons, higher knowledge, collective insights and awareness expansion provided oftentimes can be so great that explorers may struggle in readjusting to a balanced everyday state. This can lead to loss of potential benefits or even ill assimilation of the psychedelic experience, affecting one’s well being negatively. 

Psychedelic integration, a practical framework bridging between the mystical and ineffable psychedelic realm and our everyday world, plays the dual aim of maximizing the profound insights gleaned in altered states while reducing potential harms. Integration is what anchors those magic spells created in your ceremonies to create BIG MAGIC in your life.

Through the discipline of integration as a supplementary and vital modality to entheogenic ceremonies, the lessons turn into sustained healing; knowledge into personal & communal mastery; and visions into reality. And as conscious creators - we serve to re-create a new earth that is in support and love of one another and the planet. 

Participant Testimonials

This is a wonderful course!! I recommend to people to sign up for this. Excellent presentation of material. It’s worth more than charged!! This would be an excellent resource for clients.

Mary Braun, RN, BSN, MBA, Certified integration coach

Thank you so much for such a thorough presentation of what is needed to use such a beautiful modality. I myself in the past year have just went on this journey to heal past trauma and it has been profound. So profound that I feel called to do this work somehow combining this in my own practice. Such grace and professionalism. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cannot wait for the next teaching

Kimberly A Fouche', LMFT

Participating in Shiri's integration goup program, I feel much more grounded with the experiences I have had, as I was able to talk about it and think about it in a way that offered tremendous growth and deeper understanding.

Greg Lawrence, Psychedelic Integration Specialist

I only wish the program had been available sooner! I was able to make an important perception break through that I had not been able to make on my own or with the help of a conventional therapist.