Entheogens are soul-revealing agents towards Self knowledge, reverence, and love. 


Between the variety of psychedelics and plant medicines, dosing options, healing modalities and guru du jour syndromes; and incessant, socially-programming reminders to "do the work" -

What are the actual foundations that make you YOU?
And how do you fully own & confidently express  the full-spectrum of your multidimensional soul?

Join this 8-day, Soul-revealing integration journey to:


  1. Awaken & activate your dormant feminine codes 
  2. Discover what you stand for as a human and woman at this time in history
  3. Clarify your soul's mission and your "Why"
  4. Uncover and outline your foundational values
  5. Get chrystaline clarity on your immediate and long-term goals
  6. Challenge and reprogram your limited perception of who you are - and what is possible for you 
  7. Discover a roadmap to reconnect with your feminine power & creative nature
  8. Unearth and meet your soul's medicine and your purpose as an awakened woman.


For the next 8 days, you will receive straight into your inbox:


- Live consciousness-expanding sessions with pioneering integration therapist & spiritual guide Shiri Godasi

- Experiential embodiment exercises

- Reflective, soul-uncovering assignments

- Recordings of sessions 

- Access to a robust community of awakened, soul-guided women 


Value of this program is $888 -
Offered as a gift to all women, from Shiri. 

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